shutterstock118860388Forgive the terribly vague and awful amount of skirting I’m about to do, but I could use some help from my community.  Trust me, this is the not the blog post any blogger wants to write…publicly.  In fact, the thought of writing this post has broken me down in tears about three times.  There wouldn’t be any level of information I could provide at this point that would be appropriate, except to say this: I’m on my own now, I lost my job, there are some maddening financial legal realities that are well beyond my control,  I’m in a desperate situation and I could really use some help.

Yesterday, I complained on my Facebook pages about some negative comments I received from a post.  On both my personal & blog FB pages, a lot of people offered an incredible amount of encouragement including lots of private messages and emails.  I rattled that status update off yesterday after going on a run, having some time to think, ponder (and get angrier) on a (very emotional) whim, mostly just out of frustration.  I wasn’t looking for support or pity, but what I got was a lot of encouragement instead.

The point is, I realized more fully I have a community here —on this blog and on Facebook– and it’s somewhat unexpected how supportive and loving you guys are because I’m not one of those great “tribe-building” type of bloggers and I’ve sucked at cultivating community.  (I mean, guys, I don’t even ask questions at the end of my posts like every good blogger is supposed to do).  Regardless, of my lack of question-asking-post-post I’m bringing my need to the most salient and supportive community I have right now.

I can’t sit on the side of the road with my cherry red case on the old Macbook with a tip jar, but for the first time on this blog I am asking for a tip of sorts.  If my words and work have blessed you AND you can help a Sista out, then do so, Mug! =) When folks have asked lately, ‘how are you, Grace?’ & ‘what do you need, Grace?‘ I’ve been hesitant to say it –Because JEEZ this ‘Murica– and you are NOT supposed to, but I’m finna go all Brene’ Brown in my vulnerability & keep. it. real.  I could use some help.  You can do that here:

I could also use some prayers.  I could not imagine things could get much worse than they are right now. They could, I guess but really?????  I’m keepin’ my head up, y’all.  But please pray for strength to get through this HORRENDOUS season of life.

So.  How are YOU? =) And, seriously.  How can I pray for YOU? It’s always been VERY helpful for me to try to focus on others when all I wanna do is binge-TV watch, eat Swiss Cake Rolls & cry about my own drama. So please, lemme know!

With love and so much gratitude. xoxo





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  • Alyssa Bacon-Liu

    I’m so sorry you are going through this storm right now. You are definitely in my prayers.

  • Breia B

    I had this whole nice little paragraph thing going on and somehow on this new computer that I have yet to get used to, I clicked completely out of the page. So let me begin again and try to remember what it was that I said.

    I am a new reader to your blog and I see the type of things that I want to start writing about on my blog, be less generic and more “me”, if you will. It is very hard to just be a person nowadays and even harder when your person happens to be the parent of biracial children. I myself have 2 biracial daughters and being a parent itself is hard enough, then you have to toss in not being partial to one race over the other. I enjoy seeing what you post about, so even when days get hard, know that you make a difference out here in the interwebz. People get butt hurt about the most inane things and there’s nothing you can do to please everyone so just do what makes you happy.

  • Heather Caliri

    So sorry things are horrible right now, Grace. May God be with you, abundantly right now. May your people be with you abundantly right now.

  • Keo Mbebe


    • Keo Mbebe

      Grace we share the same name. Grace is my English name. Anyhoo, Grace, thanks for your blog. I’m posting all the way from South Africa. You teach me a lot about vulnerability and trusting God with big things and trusting God even when I’ve messed up. I think that’s ministry. Anyway, you asked how I am. I’m fine. I’ve got a stomach ache. Work is hectic but better than a couple of months ago. More importantly, I have more hope that God has a plan to make light shine in the darkness for the community within which our church is located. Maybe things will be worse for you and I tomorrow. Maybe they’ll be better. But until then, let the redeemed of the Lord tell her story today. With love :-)

      Grace, grace, grace. We share an amazing Heavenly Father.

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