Every other day or so I do my hair.  Every week or so I wash my hair.  Every other week or so I re-style my hair.

If I’m going to do all that work any old way, why not make a hair vlogging channel?  My friend, Sharry has been trying to get me to do this for ages.  So here I go…

Come check me out over on my channel: Mixed HAIRitage

My goal is to to make 7 minute or less videos with easy-to-achieve styles for on-the-go naturals like myself.

Wanna preview of what’s to come? I thought you’d never ask. =)

Aaaaaaand…if Rhys barges into this 1st video, takes a whiz, bumps me, calls me “poopy” and interrupts, does this post count as Mama Moments Monday??? I think so!

Here here to new HAIR adventures!

  • http://www.allthingsbeautifulblog.com/ Alyssa Bacon-Liu

    Woot! Excited for this!

  • Brooke

    Great start!

  • http://sabrinajr.com/ Sabrina

    Awesome! I have 3 girls with natural hair–I need all the tips I can get. And the interruptions from Rhys make you more authentic. AND I will now read all your posts hearing your voice echo in my ears…lol!

  • Jillie

    Hey Grace….LOVE this!!! Love Rys…Bless his heart. :-) Is really cool to hear your voice. Don’t take this wrong, but somehow I’ve always ‘heard’ you in my head with a deeper voice. Don’t know why. Like Sabrina, now I will always hear your real voice echoing in my ears as I read your excellent words.

  • Erica

    Yay, going to do the curly (as I call it) look this summer!!! Quick styles and ideas are needed!!

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