My guest post blog series When God Speaks {or doesn’t} will continue on for the next few days.  But for now, one of my own!  I’m over at A Deeper Story today, musing on the redeemed and unredeemed voice of our little King…


Be careful with me.

That’s what my 3 yr. old, Rhys says when I change his diaper.  Instead of pitching a fit over a cold wet wipe, or writhing around as if he’s actually being hurt he began to articulate exactly what needed to happen when I wipe him.  He needed me to take care.

Think of me, Mama.

That’s what Rhys said when we rode bikes together the last time it was warm in Michigan.  It was hard to keep pace with him without toppling over so I’d go out a little ahead and circle back around.  He didn’t like when I left him.  He wasn’t ready yet to string together the words, “get yo tail feather back here, woman!” So he asked me to think of him.  He needed me to remember he was still there…


Love me, Mama.

That’s what Rhys used to say when…

You can read the rest of this post over on A Deeper Story where I contribute monthly.



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  • Gerald Barrett

    Love the pics and the message to all parents.