I’m going to be giving away TWO 8 x 8 hardcover Shutterfly photo books!

I have become a big fan of creating online photo books because I’ve all but given up on old skool paper & scissors scrapbooking, which is sad indeed.

A couple years ago, I made a Shutterfly book of our 2010 summer.  My olive branch, stuck out to my family to let them know I still care about documenting our precious time together though my scrapbook finishing rate is abominably dismal.  The three books I have made, I adore.

This year -and every year- I’d like to make a 2012 round-up Shutterfly book as a gift to my boys.  Something very “from-Mama-with-love,” so they’ll be able to see in full color how much we laughed and smiled together even as we have trudged through life’s messes.

I’m trying to do less giveaways nowadays because they always take more time and energy away than I fool myself into believing.  However, I believe documenting our memories is such an important thing to do in our Instagramed world.  

Think of this: in 15 years you will innocently ask, “where are all those pictures I took of our babies when they were little?”  And someone will say, “oh, they are still on that one laptop, or ipad, ya know, the one that fell in the toilet.”

We will lose our pictures people if we don’t start printing them somehow

Hence the giveaway.  Let me help you to not lose your pictures 15 years from now.  Your future self will thank me and my future self will gloat with undeserved pride. 

Here’s how to win:

1. Watch the video below and comment on which scene reminds you of a meaningful memory in your life.

2. For an extra entry, to Shutterfly’s website , click the “Styles” tab & choose your favorite photobook style.  Leave me that style in a separate comment.

3. For an additional entry, tweet this post using the #SLFYphotobook hashtag within the tweet.  Leave me the tweet link in a separate comment.

Giveaway ends on Sunday evening, 12.16.12 at 12am-EST.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/kmomof2 Kate Hice Kelts

    I like the “cardworthy” video. Planned pictures never work for us either! Charley “K” says hi!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kmomof2 Kate Hice Kelts

    My favorite is the Good Times under Kids styles. I just might have to make a book right now!

  • Erica

    My favorite is the book made to the grandmother…. What a great idea for Christmas!! I have made one book from shutterfly of my girls when they were younger & LOVE it!! I miss scrapbooking…. but this is a good replacement!! Lol

  • http://twitter.com/aboutproximity Lisa Van Engen

    I love the memory book! Those photographs are so priceless.

    (I love your website! You have such a radiance and joy in you.)

    • https://gracesandra.com/ Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

      awww, thanks so much, Lisa! so kind. =)

  • Michelle

    The book about the grandmother reminded me of a meaningful memory. I have been given the title of paparazzi in many of my circles and I love the title. During a two year period we unfortuantely had to bury five loved ones and because I was always the paparazzi I had a lot of the pictures needed for various things. During sad times like that it makes you appreciate having pictures of loved ones during happier occasions. Sorry my entry was kind of sad.

  • Michelle

    I would either do the “wedding” style or the “kids” style. I should probably do the “wedding” style since I have been married over six years and I don’t have a photo book of our wedding! But I LOVE doing things with the girl’s pictures.

  • Jess Fick

    I really liked the “telling your family’s story” clip- I’d love to make some photo books because I just don’t have time to cut tiny schoolhouses out of paper & would love to have some printed!