I’ve got a giveaway for you, giveaway winners & two book reviews just in time for “Mistmas” as Rhysie likes to call the wonderful Advent season upon us.

The first is a wonderful book sent to me by Frank Robinson, Jr. called Letters to a Mixed Race Son.  The book is just as it sounds: a group of wonderful letters written over the years to Frank’s biracial children.  I found it to be lovely & inspiring.  And of course, it made me want to write brief letters to my boys everyday, and of course I haven’t yet.

What you may love about it: Frank is full of faith and the way he explains it to the boys is beautiful.  I love the stories of things the kids said that reveals their child-like vulnerability.  I love the way the book displays all the beauty and hardship of parenting and everything in between…the helplessness, the times of so much joy and thankfulness you can barely contain it.  I really appreciated this book.  It’s definitely one to make you squeeze those babies of yours a little bit tighter.



The second is a kid’s book called, The Strikerz: Bring it on by Randall James.  I “met” Randy on Twitter when he said “hey, you’ve got a little boy, does he like soccer?”  And so he sent me his lovely little soccer novel.

Ran & I have been reading a chapter or two about every night and he’s really enjoyed it.  What I love?  The story follows a diverse group of soccer loving, multi-ethnic kids in Nova Scotia, Canada living in some sort of poverty or dysfunction who all dream of going pro someday.  The book follows the kids as they deal with drunk parents and all manner of trouble when a wealthy business man offers to give the kids a team, uniforms & even a arena to play in.

What I personally love about the book for my little Ranny-Panzinator is both the simplicity of the writing style but also the gritty story line that deals with real issues many kids face.  As a launching pad, it gave me the opportunity to explain a lot of real life scenario’s for him that have helped him to be grateful for the simple things in life that many kids just don’t have.  Also, it promotes team work, working hard towards goals, looking out for one another & making good choices.  Can’t beat that, eh?

Randall was also kind of enough to send me The Strikerz card game which is a compliment to the book.  Ransom absolutely loves the game and has asked to play it several times.  Both the book & the game have served to get him all geeked up again on soccer which makes us happy because Ran is the little boy who would be content to sit inside all day and play quietly by himself.  He needs all the extra oompf he can get! =)

If you’ve got a little boy or girl in the 7-12 age range with any soccer interests, this is a great little book & game to give for Christmas.  You can buy them here.



Winner of the Does This Church Make Me Look Fat? book giveaway is…

Winner of the Making All Things New: God’s Dream For Global Justice book giveaway is…

CONGRATS, ladies & I hope you enjoy your books!


AND NOW FOR ANOTHER GIVEAWAY…because I’m feeling mighty generous…

I’m giving away brand spankin’ new copies of…

Letters to a Mixed Race Son by: Frank Robinson, Jr. (signed copy bearing the unfortunate teeth marks of my cat, Little Jerri Seinfeld. DOH!)

Real Life by: James Choung

God Loves Ugly by: Christa Black

More Than Enchanting: Breaking Through Barriers to Influence Your World by: Jo Saxton

Just leave me a comment below, tweet it out for an extra entry & leave your tweet in a separate comment by December 12am EST on December 11.

Hoping some of these books will offer you some enjoyable reading during your Christmas break or great books to giveaway as gifts for the readers in your life.




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  • mongupp

    i would love to read God loves ugly…heard great things about it!

    • https://gracesandra.com/ Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

      Mongupp, it is a good one. Very raw & very honest and reflective.

  • Una

    Grace, I can’t wait until my free books come in the mail! At the risk of being gluttonous, I’d love to receive a copy of God Loves Ugly or More Than Enchanting. Thanks!

  • Sharon S.

    Grace – I’d love to read Frank’s letters to his bi-racial children. I’m curious what he addresses specifically about being bi-racial. Janelle will be 18 next month and is very solidly cross-cultural in any context. K&M are 13 and in 7th grade and trying to figure it out at a new school that’s 99% White….about once a week K comes home with some comment that shows she’s thinking about it and embracing her unique identity. Latest one when asked if she was adopted, “No, my mom’s white and my dad’s black and i’m GLAD they are!” Gotta love it!

    • https://gracesandra.com/ Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

      Sharon, the book is interesting…sometimes he brings it up and other times it’s merely alluded to. And in the end, it could be just a book of “letters to sons” as it’s fairly general but always faith-filled. As for your kiddo’s it’s so awesome to know how they are approaching this. It’s such a testament to your parenting style that they are proud of who they are and what two cultures they represent ~ keep up the good work! =) I soooo wish I had went into my junior high/high school years armed with the same sense of security! On a side note, cannot believe Janelle will be 18! Holy mother! I’ve known you for a long time!!!!! =)

  • Sevender

    I just found your blog last week, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I don’t have kids yet or anything, but I like the honest looks you give us into your life. Plus I love to read, and free books are exciting :) Thanks for the chance!

    • https://gracesandra.com/ Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

      Sevender, thanks! Well, if you love free books, stay on the lookout I’ve got a lot more giveaways coming up! blessings….

  • sara

    love this blog. been reading it in romania but i’m back in the states visiting home now. and i would absolutely love to read letters to a mixed race son (and to pass it along). thanks for writing this blog! it’s amazing!!!

    • https://gracesandra.com/ Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

      Sara, thanks for commenting & your encouraging words! I love knowing that readers are coming from all over the globe. so awesome! =)

  • Sarah

    What a great blog!

    • https://gracesandra.com/ Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

      Thank you, Sarah! Appreciate your comment! =)

  • Hé Ré A

    That looks like such a great collection of books to add to my “library”! :)

  • Brooke

    Looks like good reading!

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