You guys, things have been so good lately.  Not pie-in-the-sky, but better.

Even when things are going badly, the slightest bit of ‘better’ is an amazing feeling.  That’s where I’m at.  Better.  Not my best, but better.

First of all, my health is better.  I wasn’t sick or anything, unless you include my sugar addiction, in which case if you do count than yes, I am sick because I simply can’t resist when a chocolate chip cookie presents itself.  Earlier this year, I decided to screw 2012 and lose 50 pounds over the course of 12-16 months through Weight Watcher’s.  I wanted to make the slow and deliberate lifestyle changes that will result in keeping the weight off for the rest of my life.

Lo & behold, I’m down 30 pounds!  Finally, after 9 months I hit the 30 mark and have been able to ‘reset’ my body weight and maintain the loss even when I have a really bad week of eating or skip workouts for say…a month.  I’m in awe that this has happened.  Small changes each day have given *actual* results.  I feel a million times better.  And of course, as a happy by product, my mental health has improved.  I feel happier.  Not giddy-happy, but happier.

I found an old journal in September of last year in which I recorded my weight at 187.  To know that I made intentional choices and am now down to 157 is an incredible feeling of accomplishment as if I’ve saved the world from rolling off its invisible axis.  I haven’t saved the world or done anything more than love myself, but that’s how it works right?  We decide to love ourselves in concrete ways and it empowers us to love others.  It’s as if we’re a cup overflowing.  If I can love myself and feel this great then surely I have something left over for you.

The downside: early morning workouts have replaced early morning writing sessions.  Late evening workouts have replaced late evening writing sessions.

Additionally, Dave & I have been working really hard at two goals…

1) Finish watching SmallVille together.  After two years, we have two episodes left to complete the 10 season show.  A labor of love, I tell ya!  Though, Tom Welling has certainly made this journey easier to do…

2) More importantly, we’ve made a concerted effort to spend more time together and to work on our marriage through marriage counseling.

The downside: All of this intentional time with Dave, the incredible adventures I had with my sons this summer and making efforts to create more stability in our home have left A LOT less time for writing.

This past July, I started a new job.  I went from working 20 hrs. a week to 40 hrs. a week.  The upside is that my hours are regular and that I get out of the house each day to a nice office.  Isn’t she cute?

The downside: no more mid day writing sessions while Rhysie naps.

Part of the reason I am doing so well is the sum of all these things: a new job I enjoy, working out in the evenings, spending time with Dave & family, meal planning, SmallVille…it’s all ruining my blog.

I’m choosing to see this as a good thing.  I’m growing even though my blog is not.  I no longer feel like I HAVE to blog, or that I MUST maintain this space.  After some soul-searching, I realize I could live without my blog & would choose to live without it if it came to that.  My loyal readers want what’s best for me, and I’m giving you that! My best life. 

Won’t I have more inspiring material to work with if I’m living my best life?  I certainly hope so.

In my lack of blogging, I share much more often on my Gabbing with Grace Facebook Page.  I’ve realized something, y’all.  Not everything is a blog post!  Yes, it took me 5 years to figure this out.  I traded in 1,000 word blog posts for 100 words FB updates!  So, if ya miss me, why not follow my adventures by giving my page a “Like” and stream me in your news feed!

I’ve traded in my What I Wore Wednesday posts for #WhatIWore on Instagram.  You can find me there at the very creative username: @gabbingwithgrace.

Additionally, I’ve been documenting my natural hair journey on instagram…

See? All is not lost.

It seems I’ve been able to work ‘smarter not harder’ in following my writing dreams.  I started writing for three blogs (keeps me regular) and I’ve signed for a couple of speaking engagements in the next few months.  In fact, I tweeted about an incredible one I had just last night.

Remarkably, a marketing text-book bought rights to a picture of Ronald McDonald & myself that is going to be in the 15th edition of an academic based marketing book, Principles of Marketing coming out next year!  All my modeling dreams coming true…  *tear*

Blog be damned, after many months of hardship, life is getting better and I’m riding the wave!

I’m wondering what types of things you’ve had to trade in to pursue health?  Has that been difficult for you or not?  This past year has been literally filled with victory though despair has never been far behind.  Patience is tough for me.  Is it for you as well?



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  1. Alison Smith says:

    Great post, Grace! Even in your writing, I can hear refreshment and joy! I don’t think I’ve traded anything lately but I do think for Sean and I to pursue spiritual health we had to leave the church we’ve been attending. I know for me, initially I was nervous that leaving meant we were quitting or not trying hard enough. We prayed and talked about the decision a lot and it was pretty clear that something had to change for us to pursue spiritual health. We’ve been attending a new church and in the last two weeks I’m amazed to see such a difference in the both of us; it’s refreshing.

    • Alison, I’m so glad some of my job is coming out in my posts! Sorry to hear about your Church situation! Ugh…that’s tough. I’m so glad that you guys chose to do something that valued your spiritual health —no matter what the reason! I’m becoming more and more of an advocate of pursuing health at all costs (except those that delibertly hurt others, obviously). It’s wonderful to hear that you are feeling refreshed in your choice. I’m so thankful for how the Lord leads us to do good things for us even though they are hard or scary. I hope this new Church becomes a huge blessing for you guys and vice versa! xo

  2. Stephanie Chang says:

    glad to know you’re loving yourself! :) inspiration to treat our bodies like temples!!! and an encouragement to me that it’s worth it!

  3. Great post Grace and I’m so happy for you! You look and sound more at peace :-) These last few days I’ve been mourning different things I’ve given up….things i would gladly give up again and decisions I do not regret….yet there are losses and it hits me at differnt times. But the joy I’ve gained can’t be beaten! I’ve really cut back on seminary and outside commitments in order to homeschool my girls and they are HEALTHY and HAPPY, and we have PEACE in our home again. It’s been a long time coming after years of intense health struggles. I also made some health choices this past winter and went gluten/dairy free. It’s hard at times, but I’ve lost over 70 lbs and I feel much better about my body. Change can be hard, but growth is always worth it. I’m choosing to embrace the joy I find in each day. I’m learning to be patient with myself. Praise God!

    • Sharon, you go girl! 70 pounds! LOOK AT YOU! WOW, I am SO PROUD of you! I can’t even imagine how much better you feel with that and also homeschooling your girls. I absolutely love seeing people take care of themselves and do what’s right for them (part of the reason I’ve been sharing my changes with everyone)…and I see that you are doing that. I remember seeing the version of you that was stuck and downtrodden with all the health problems of your fam that weren’t any of your doing yet having to care for all of that in the midst of seminary and all the other pastors wife stuff. You are doing a great thing for your family and I’m so happy that you feel the worthiness of those changes all ready. I mean it, I am so so so happy for you, S! and also, well, I get it about the losses…it’s tough….but press on, and I will too! Love you! (p.s. I’ll get back to your email about that other stuff too, I’m really behind in responding to everyone right now)!

  4. Sounds like less is more and when less finds its way onto your blog or facebook or twitter it holds true economically. More value. Not that your frequency didn’t hold value before, but these words of the present are ringing with more freedom. This boy says, “you go girl!”

    • Thanks, Jerry! You are so wise! Thank you for your encouragement! I love being in a writing group with you…your laughter last week was life-giving! =) anyway, thanks for commenting!

  5. I still admire your consistency on your blog. I would love to get in the habit of one or two great posts a week. And all the things you’ve traded it for are so worthy and fulfilling. I’m happy for you. And patience….what exactly is that??
    Thauna recently posted..Friday Five

    • Thauna, ahahahaha your patience comment gave me a big laugh out loud. =) Seriously though, it’s so hard to believe things that your working toward will actually ever get better. this year with weight and marriage I’ve done a lot of work not seeing and just barely believing things will get better, but they ARE getting better! i am, still, a bit in shock about this! so patience really is key…who knew? maybe a better way of putting it would be “is it hard to hold out hope?” Anyway, i htink 1 or 2 posts per week would be a dream for me…I have to get organized. Either way, I’m NOT giving up my writer-ly dreams. =) Thanks for your love & happieness for me. xoxoxo

      • I always tell people that “Patience is a virtue, but it ain’t one of mine. I have other virtues.”
        Thauna recently posted..Friday Five

        • Thanks for your help today, Thauna. I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly in the midst of my emotional turmoil!!!! That was so stressful for me, seriously, I feel like I just lived 5 days in the last two hours! But, so you know I went ahead and enabled the WP backup thing, GoDaddy made me a copy to their server and later on today I am going to do the Dropbox thing as well. #whew

  6. Write on!

  7. Congrats, this is all good news! No, not everything is a blog post, and I believe in stephen king’s words – Life is not a support system for art. It’s the other way around ..

    So, live your life first, enjoy these blessings, your blog will still be here, and I’m sure, incidentally, you’ll just have more great stuff to share :)
    Denise recently posted..How to Fake Confidence for Creatives

    • Denise, I love that quote from Stephen King! I recently read his On Writing book and learned that I really like him! (He’s so funny)! anyway, thanks for your encouragement & comment…you are exactly right & I hope I’m doing it the right way!

  8. This old blog of yours was refreshing to read. Even though you have been discouraged, it can be so good to remember where you have been and to reflect on the good work God has done in your life to help you believe He can do it again! I’m believing with you, He can redeem all things!

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