Costly Kids
Image via Early Childhood Education. (Link removed at their request).

I’ll take ANY of those losses to gain these beautiful smiles…

So.  What have you gained by being a parent?


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  • Michele

    I recently turned 35 and had a minor mid-life crisis (although hopefully 35 is not actually mid-life!). I am divorced, kid-less, and renting a house from someone who is 10 years younger than me–not exactly what I had imagined for my life at this point in the game! I have recently been trying to flip my perspective around and look at the advantages of being spouse-less and kid-less! This article was eye opening regarding how much money I’ll be able to spend on traveling and my other pursuits. I am not suggesting that having kids is too expensive or draining. But I do think there’s so much pressure to fit into middle class suburbia with a husband, a dog, 2 kids and a 2 story house – it’s nice to see that every decision has opportunity costs. Maybe being “only” an aunt is such a bad thing after all!

    • Grace

      Michele, I totally get you! I’m not in the exact same place but there are many (many) things I thought would be different right now. I’m 35 as well! You are right, not having kids at this time in your life means you can do some of that travel or other pursuits. Honestly, in the HARD times of life, I’ve TOTALLY been jealous of single/no kids women!!!! You are so right, EVERY decision has costs vs. opportunity and ROI, return of investment! =)

  • Michele

    My last sentence needs to be grammatically clarified! Maybe being “only” an aunt is NOT such a bad thing after all! (what a difference one word can make!) :)

    • Grace

      I get it… =) Enjoy being an Auntie. That too is a tremendous gift and honor to cherish.

  • alie

    I have two kids, an ex-husband, and some days more drama than I know what to do with. While my life may certainly be more hectic and complicated than it was 5 years ago…I would not trade one second of temper tantrums, poopy diapers, homework, and caillou for my life before my babies. And as I write this comment…I’ve been drooled on and my son is literally screaming for my attention…it’s a great day!

    • Grace

      Alle, hahahahaaha…such is life, baby drool on the keyboard and another one screaming. I too, feel like you do…I wouldn’t trade any of it, but it’s 100 x’s easier to remember that in hindsight. In the really tough, really hard moments I’m often wishing for a different life, basically throwing myself a doggone pity party. But I try to lean in to God’s grace for me and his patience and extend that to the people I love. Glad you have a ton of perspective! Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting! =)

  • Monica

    Yeah our children may cost us many things like time, money etc. But after all they are the most valuable assets that we have. Thanks for the infographic presentation. I liked that. That’s quite amusing :)
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