Is it not unbelievable how long it can take to recover after being gone for a week?

I have over 125 unread emails in my inbox.  This is NOT the way I do business, y’all!  I like to wipe the email slate clean everyday.  Ugh.

I am feeling the tug of junk hanging over my head…

~laundry and housework (but let’s just be honest, when aren’t those things hanging over our heads)?

~I am ridiculously behind on several product reviews.  Eight, to be exact. Ugh.

~I was given three books to read and review.  I have read one: Reluctant Pilgrim: A Moody, Somewhat Self-Indulgent Introvert\’s Search for Spiritual Community by: Enuma Okoro –my new friend via Twitter/FB!

It really is a fabulous book and I can’t wait to write a review for it, but I’ve been uber-busy & I want the review to be fitting of such an awesome book.

Dave, yes the hubs, started The Missional Mom & loves it.  He’s been talking a lot lately about potentially wanting to become a homeschooling Dad.  (?!?!)  I told him he could then write the book, “The Missional Dad.” =) (fyi: The Missional Mom is not about homeschooling at all).

Anyway, I’ve wanted to read it, but I’ve been too busy.

~The hubs and I really need to sit down and plan out our new summer week-to-week schedule, and decide our summer plans, and decide our summer budget, etc.  Does anyone out there just LOVE having planning conversations with your hubby?

If you do, I’ll PAY YOU $500 BIG ONES to come to my house and have these conversations with Dave.


~I wrote a poem last week that I really like and want to share here or enter in some random poetry contest, but it needs editing and I haven’t gotten around to it because I just feel a little busy.

~Were doing some decorative renovations in our backyard, screened-in sun-porch, which I’m excited about, but when I started to put together the book shelf for it last night, I *sighed* & gave up, because I was just too tired.

~I have yet to open the mail for the last two weeks or pay a single bill for the month.  The thought of it makes me, *yawn* too tired.

~I have three drafts of three really great posts I want to do: one on racial issues, one on babies/mothers and one on the pros and cons of going to seminary, but I’m feeling a bit tired, y’all.

I also REALLY want to do a post about my last week up North because it was just magical.

~I’ve been dreaming up a post about “why I love being on InterVarsity staff,” but it’s still in dream-state.

~I need to do a post I promised for site I guest post for.  Due May 9.  Ugh.

~I have been downright BOMBARDED with inspiration and memories that I’m working on for my memoir.  I’ve been giving this precedence being so afraid that if I don’t record this now I’ll forget.  I’ve never had such a long stretch (since late Feb.) that I’ve been plowed over by BOTH writing inspiration AND motivation —-so you can see why I’ve wanted to capitalize on it!  However, I’m getting behind on all my other stuff.  And I feel tired.  And busy.

On the other hand, it’s been so amazing watching it come together.  It’s taking shape in exciting ways.

I’ve been reading the books, Fearless Confessions: A Writer\’s Guide to Memoir by: Sue William Silverman & Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Guide to Writing Memoir by Lisa Dale Norton.  I read them both via Kindle on my Kindle iphone app. If I’m out and about or just have 10 minutes to blow, I’ll pull it up and read a little on my phone.    Both of these books are so freaking helpful for all of us budding memoir-ists out there!

Seriously.  Buy them.

~Last but not least, I’m leading a a year long team on white privilege and I have a lot to do for that.

So, in lieu of all these things, I should get a move on while my kiddo’s are in pre-school! =)

How about you?  Are you feeling behind?  What types of things do you need to get a move on?  Someone PLEASE inspire me!



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  • Zachary Lassiter


    I know the feeling. I’ve been falling behind as well.
    Zachary Lassiter recently posted..On Mother’s Day

    • Grace

      Glad to see your still around, Zach! =)

  • Sara

    After being away the first half of May, I’ll have an equally long “behind” list when I get home. Top priority though, getting enough done so I can enjoy time with R1 & R2!

    • Grace

      Sara, I can only imagine how much you have to do as well! My friend Jessica was just lamenting today after being at Cedar Campus for two weeks… but since she’s almost 8 months pregnant, I think she takes the cake in terms of having a pity party! lol. =)

      The boys will be delighted to spend time with you & the hubs & I will be delighted to be away with one another =)

  • Sharon S.

    I hear ya g/f! A couple things that helped me get over the hump – or out of the rutt I was in:
    My mom and a friend on 2 separate occasions came over to help me with a particular daunting task that I just needed someone to do it WITH me in order for me to complete it. Helped a TON! Not only got it done, but it was done quicker and their support made me feel cared for and less overwhelmed. Hint: find someone who is TASK oriented and not relationship oriented :)

    Another idea that seems so simple that I hadn’t even thought of it – use a hand held recorder – or an app on your phone – to record inspiration when it comes to you instead of sitting down to type it out. Record it and then have someone else type it out for you. That way you can do it while waiting for an appt, etc. Someone suggested I also use this to record appts to help me remember details by going back to listen to it again. Or, for my daughter to use in class when she struggles taking notes AND listening to the lecture at the same time.

    The Missional Mom – the title GRABBED me and I’m on my way over to Amazon to check it out! When you need to review a book, can you get an audio version of it to listen to in the car or when you’re doing chores, etc.? Or if Dave is reading it, ask if he will write a 1 page summary of the top points for each chapter. Or, if he enjoys reading aloud to record it for you to listen to his reading it.

    So…..I guess these are more ideas on how to multi-task, rather than simplifying. But, I’m learning to take just ONE BREATHE at a time….nothing more and nothing less….that’s all i CAN do anyway. :-)

    Love you!

    BTW, your future blog topics sound intriguing. I hope you’re able to follow up on them :-)

  • adventuresindinner

    Ughh-THOSE conversations.

    We’ve had a lot of those lately with our reno starting next week.

    Right now I have pre-report card writing laziness. I’m thinking that this is actually real condition and I should start a support group, or maybe a telethon.
    adventuresindinner recently posted..From the market and using leftovers

    • Grace


      THOSE convo’s, yes, they are officially the worst. Ever. Good luck with telethon…. I don’t think your gonna get much support though! ahahahaha =)