Katherine, her hubby & daughter Naleigh (pronounced Nay-Lee)

Last Wednesday, I was downright giddy about being on the phone with Katherine Heigl for a phone interview alongside some other lovely Mommy bloggers! You know the one right? From “27 Dresses,” & “Knocked Up”?!?!

(I’m from MI, y’all. Celebrity interaction = zero to none. Excitement over any brush with celebrity = hysteria).

Anyways! I’m excited to share with you about the call, which is part of a giveaway I’m hosting for TWO lucky readers! I’m giving away 2 Life As We Know It BlueRay DVD’s AND 2 Life As We Know It Soundtracks!

Katherine was very sweet, very likable, very down-to-earth. Actually, -and I know I seem sort of lame and stalkerish for saying this but- I think we could be friends.

She is so much like me in one way:

We both can talk too much!

(At all the wrong times).

She laughed as she told us how she can be “too much of me,” and that she “doesn’t always sensor well”. She said, “it’s hard not to tell everyone everything about her.”

Same here!

(See, SO MUCH in common)

(Only I don’t have everyone dissecting my comments under a microscope & splashed about all over every gossip tabloid)

(And my mistakes are seen in front of 100 -1,000-ish, as opposed to ALL of America).

That was the 1st question, so right off the bat I was diggin’ her vulnerability.

The majority of the Mommy-Bloggers questions about new-Mommyhood were in line with her upcoming DVD Life as We Know It, out Feb. 8.

It was flipping fantastic to hear Katherine articulate some of the exact same struggles I have

~ Being at a place with your career where you want to keep momentum going. But then…

~ Knowing you need to compromise with your husband because you value his career his well. But then…

~ While your at work you long to be home with your family. But then…

~ While with your family you worry about what’s going on on set.

I’m not even kidding, she said these things. It’s normal everyday stuff all of us Mama’s go through.

(Except for that whole “on set” thing). =)

I agree with one of my friends, Lisa who says that the hardest job of all is not being a full-time stay at home, nor a full-time working Mom, but a part-time stay-at-home Mom & a part-time working Mom because it’s so hard to switch focus so abruptly. I agree, I agree, I agree.

I think Katherine would to!

Here she poses with her gorgeous adopted baby daughter Naleigh for the cover of W magazine's The Family Issue. Katherine says she adopted Naleigh, who was born in Korea with congenital heart problem that was corrected through surgery, just "three or four days" before she starting filming Life As We Know It. "I was about to play a woman who inherits a baby, and I was experiencing the exact same thing," she said. Isn't Naleigh the cutest???

Katherine said that earlier in life she had this “fantasy,” that she’d be able to “juggle it all,” but has realized that trying to do it “all,” has made her a “spinning top.” How DOES she do it then?

She leans on people. She’s learned to rely on her community and ask for help when she needs it. Here, here Katherine.

I soooooooooo appreciated a lot of her thoughts about various things:

~Best parenting advice you got? Aside from basic needs, sometimes you just gotta let ‘em cry. (Totally agree)!

~ Best parenting advice you give? Keep humor in parenting.

~ Favorite moments with Naleigh? Puts on my glasses upside down and dances. She looks like a little indie emo rocker, singer/songwriter.

~Favorite way to decompress? Apple TV, a little wine & lose myself in stories.

~ Favorite TV Shows? Sons of Anarchy, Gossip Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Life Unexpected & Cougar Town.

~ Top life lesson? Have a sense of humor, don’t take yourself so seriously & LAUGH at yourself as much as you can.

Lastly, how could I NOT bring up fashion after having written a whole post about this lovely Mother who also happens to be a red carpet fave of mine!

She’s a…


and total…


Best part of the interview for me? The part where she said she can’t wait to check out all of our blogs! =)


I’m giving away the Life as We Know It Blue-Ray DVD Combo pack & the Life as We Know It Soundtrack to TWO lucky readers!

Here’s how to win: 1. Leave me a comment about your favorite romantic comedy. 2. Tweet this giveaway & leave a second comment with the tweet URL. The giveaway closes on February 8th at midnight! The winners will be randomly selected by random.org

Finally, I’ll be hosting a Life as We Know It GIRLS NIGHT-IN at my house on February 25!

And guess who will be there?

Katherine Heigl!!!!

(just kidding, but I will be there and that should be good enough)! =) If your in my neck of the woods, come on over! I’ll bring all the sugary foods we all want, plenty’o’popcorn, and you bring whatever choice beverage you love. Thanks, Katherine for making this Mama’s day!


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  • bethy

    Fav romantic comedy would be either The Wedding Date or 27 Dresses (James Marsden…yum!) And…I freakin’ love you. You are so fantastic! Wish I could make your party, but I have to work. :(

  • http://concretejungle.posterous.com/ Jes Kast-Keat

    My FAVORITE part of this blog “(I’m from MI, y’all. Celebrity interaction = zero to none. Excitement over any brush with celebrity = hysteria).” Grace I STILL feel that way in NYC even though I have brushed past quite a few celebs. I still get giddy and pull out the good ol’ texting machine. So I get excited that you were on the phone with Katherine. Love her!

  • http://www.mining4diamonds.blogspot.com Kimberly

    How cool is that! I’m a dork, I have hardly any idea who she is, never seen any of her movies, and I don’t own a blu-ray (so you can leave me out of the drawing) but I think the fact that 1)you got to interview her and 2) her comments about mommyhood are so awesome! I’m curious as to what made her decide to adopt from Korea as opposed to, say, Africa or China. Does she have plans to adopt anymore? She sounds very interesting!

    Good for you!

  • http://jessicafick.wordpress.com/ Jess Fick

    ah, the mom struggles. I was just thinking about this today- would it be easier if I did one thing or another? No, just different kinds of guilt, different kinds of challenges. Good to hear that even celebs with trainers, nannys and professional make-up artists struggle too. My favorite rom/com is 50 first dates. I love how Adam Sandler woos her continuously!

  • Abby

    Kimberly – she adopted from South Korea because her sister Meg was also adopted from Korea before Katherine was born, and it was always something she wanted to do as her sister is a hugely important person in her life. Hope that helps.

  • http://www.themomwithmoxie.com Bree @ The Mom with Moxie

    Awesome post! I really like her. Whenever she gets “bad press” for saying something, I find myself agreeing with her, most of the time. My favorite romantic comedy is “You’ve Got Mail,” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

    Kinda bummed you’re on the other side of the state. I could really use a girls night in! Oh well, hopefully I can win the movie, and have my own.

  • http://www.themomwithmoxie.com Bree @ The Mom with Moxie
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  • Tim Rotman

    Hey Grace,

    I just got done posting about your recent stay with us.

    If you bring Katherine Heigl with you next time, you can have all the nights out with Marla you want!

    : )

    • Grace

      @Tim…you are so flipping hillarious.

  • Marla Rotman

    Ok. I want in! My favorite romantic comedy happens every night in my very own home with my husband (yeah. I said it.) My 2nd favorite romantic comedy is When Harry Met Sally – seriously… it’s hard not to love. And, I haven’t tweeted in forever, but for a KATHERINE HEIGL movie, I will do it!

    You, Grace, are terribly awesome. i am in awe of you.

  • Marla Rotman

    Ok. I tweeted. It’s at http://twitter.com/#
    The address doesn’t look right, but it’s all I’ve got. It’s under the name Marlarose.