On Juneteenth and retraumatizing storytelling: What #TakeDownThatPost Meant for Me

I learned something extremely useful the other day from my online interactions with the lovely, Bethany Suckrow after I wrote this post a few days ago in which đồ đi chùa passionately argued for grace -not attack- for the man who committed statutory rape on one of his Youth group attendee's detailed in a post he wrote for CT.  On my call for grace and restorative redemption for him? Yes.  I still stand … [Read More...]

Some grace for the CT Dude #TakeDownThatPost

****Added:  I wanted to say more about the "why" of what I said below, so đồ lam shot a quick video to do so since my kiddos are here & I didn't have the time to write it all out eloquently.  I posted a "quick" (15 minute---oops) to my Facebook page.**** //// Hey CT Dude.  I wrote a Facebook status in honor of do lam di chua today.  Yes, I said, IN HONOR. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING God made and … [Read More...]


Ruby, Ossie in this thing together and all the rest For You, Netizen

netizen |ˈnetəzən| noun a user of the Internet, esp. a habitual or avid one. //// (By the way, Happy Father's Day to my 3ish male readers who may or may not be Father's!) Christianity Today's perspective on Should Christians Support Reparations for African-Americans. On my new (& … [Read More...]


I Could Use Some Help

Forgive the terribly vague and awful amount of skirting I'm about to do, but I could use some coolshirtsmean.com from my community.  Trust me, this is the not the blog post any blogger wants to write...publicly.  In fact, the thought of writing this post has broken me down in tears about three times.  There … [Read More...]

Maya Angelou

When Jesus, Facebook apps, messenger bags, Scandal & Ruby Dee all Make Sense in the Same List

Beautiful Maya via Don't shoot the messenger! Hey, I'm just the messenger! A flippant yet poignant phrase, no?  The implication that someone is bringing a message of some sort to me from someone else, carrying it like a box of unsteady explosives or a barrel of chocolates.  The medium is … [Read More...]

Mixed HAIRitage

Every other day or so I do my hair.  Every week or so I wash my hair.  Every other week or so I re-style my hair. If I'm going to do all that work any old way, why not make a hair vlogging channel?  My friend, Sharry has been trying to get me to do this for ages.  So here I … [Read More...]


Use Your Hands

How Does God make Things Happen?  With YOUR hands. Reads page 1 - page 2 of one of the best books I ever bought my sons. How does God feed the poor?  With … [Read More...]


Something’s Wrong For Our Sisters

Beneath the stereotype of the angry black woman is an overlooked vulnerability. Rahiel Tesfamariam writes that black women act as if there is a war being … [Read More...]

rhysie graduation

He Walks

When he was a, I had the whole post-partum depression thing going on.  He was ALWAYS talking aka screaming.  I was frustrated. Our first, he was the … [Read More...]

Rhysie B 5 11 14

“I Don’t Like Black People”

Last Sunday, I took my to our new black Church.  When we pulled into the parking lot, Ransom (8.5) sighed. "Ugh. Mama, I don't want to go this one.  I … [Read More...]


Why I’m Leaving the White Church for the Black One.

A few years ago, I worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a Regional Black Campus Ministries Coordinator.  That meant I was in charge of overseeing all … [Read More...]

grace is messy

grace is messy

Allow me to talk around my mess if I may... A few years ago, a best friend of mine who I adore & love like a sister, was in a hot, triflin' mess.  Not … [Read More...]


Write Through the Abyss or Buy An Area Rug

Yes, my insta feed, twitter feed & FB feed was all abuzz from my time at the #FFWgr.  At the Festival of Faith & Writers, I was entirely inspired, … [Read More...]


When Christian Women Cheat or Kinda Sorta Want To

***I wrote this 3 months ago.  But, it's still relevant, every bit.*** It's hard to write, I'll admit it.  I wrote an article about, um, yeah, cheating … [Read More...]

sad selfies


Lord, may I be willing to love. Let me be willing to sacrifice, truly sacrifice for others. Make me willing to set down my false self. Make me willing … [Read More...]

infitnite hope

If King Wrote Us a Letter Today

My friend, Micha asked me to guest post on what King's response may be how his dream is (or isn't) playing out as a part of a larger Patheos project to address … [Read More...]

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