Amazing grace: that saved a RATCHET ASS like me

This is MY & OUR story. My story is that I like to write.  That may be the STUPIDEST understatement of the year because I can't NOT write: even when I don't want to, my brain writes Facebook status, tweets, blog posts, books, chapters, arguments and ALL MANNER of thing, in ALL MANNER of inconvenient times. My story is that I've rarely -not ever- but rarely cared what the majority of … [Read More...]


I Missed the Memo on How to Relate to God when “Living in Sin”

“Grace, you are living in sin.” What does it mean to be living “in sin?”  Ya know, as opposed to every human being’s regular old daily sin habit –lust in the heart, hatred, jealousy, etc.   Every day, each one of us -by the Lord’s standards- falls short blah blah blah. We all know the verse. “So.  What crosses the line from just plain old sin to living in sin?” Cindy asks me.  We pontificate … [Read More...]


What Fighting Racism is Like as a Black Woman

Your necessary air is restricted.  You take short breaths.  You wait for relief.  One day, it hurt so bad you took a viability assessment.  Will you live? Verdict's out. There's a gatdamn boot on your neck.  One day, it will come off, you reason.  You wait.  One day, you'll take a long, deep … [Read More...]


What I’m Into {June 2014}

Read & Reading: I'm only half way through We'll Always Have Paris.  Such. good. funny. writing.  Perfect beach/pool book! I wrote a mini review of You're Going to Be Okay by Holley Gerth.  For those of you in the midst of tough times, I strongly recommend it.  It helped elevate me over … [Read More...]


My Writing Process

Participating today in the #ShareTheLove blog tour.  I was invited by the sweetest Chicagoan journalist, Emily Miller who I simply refer to as Emmille (pronounced  em-meal) because her twitter handle @emmillerrwrites always read to me as Emmille R. Writes.  This generous soul spotted me a train pass … [Read More...]


I am Going to Be Okay

On a whim, I picked up Holly Gerth's newest book, You're Going to Be Okay from the library.  Mostly because I have made soooooo many mistakes in the past few months and my life has understandably and perhaps predictably fallen to shit.  Ultimately, I checked it out because I needed a … [Read More...]

Zevlyn and Zyaire

A love flash mob for Zevelyn

Over the last year I've been super-duper inspired by Glennon Doyle Melton leading the charge in raising big bucks for families in desperate need through Love … [Read More...]

duck lips

When a Snake Eats A Boy

One of the best parts of parenting is doing ALL THE THINGS I'm interested in but would never make time for without my curious boys.  I love monkeys, apes, … [Read More...]


On Juneteenth and retraumatizing storytelling: What #TakeDownThatPost Meant for Me

I learned something extremely useful the other day from my online interactions with the lovely, Bethany Suckrow after I wrote this post a few days ago in which … [Read More...]

Some grace for the CT Dude #TakeDownThatPost

****Added:  I wanted to say more about the "why" of what I said below, so I shot a quick video to do so since my kiddos are here & I didn't have the time to … [Read More...]


Ruby, Ossie in this thing together and all the rest For You, Netizen

netizen |ˈnetəzən| noun a user of the Internet, esp. a habitual or avid one. //// (By the way, Happy Father's Day to my 3ish male readers who may or may … [Read More...]


I Could Use Some Help

Forgive the terribly vague and awful amount of skirting I'm about to do, but I could use some help from my community.  Trust me, this is the not the blog post … [Read More...]

Maya Angelou

When Jesus, Facebook apps, messenger bags, Scandal & Ruby Dee all Make Sense in the Same List

Beautiful Maya via Don't shoot the messenger! Hey, I'm just the messenger! A flippant yet poignant phrase, no?  The implication that someone is bringing … [Read More...]

Mixed HAIRitage

Every other day or so I do my hair.  Every week or so I wash my hair.  Every other week or so I re-style my hair. If I'm going to do all that work … [Read More...]


Use Your Hands

How Does God make Things Happen?  With YOUR hands. Reads page 1 - page 2 of one of the best books I ever bought my sons. How does God feed the poor?  With … [Read More...]


Something’s Wrong For Our Sisters

Beneath the stereotype of the angry black woman is an overlooked vulnerability. Rahiel Tesfamariam writes that black women act as if there is a war being … [Read More...]